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Dr. Kravitz has truly taken great care of me for more than 15 years now. Because of the unfortunate situation I was left in as a child, (accidentally being pushed into a rock wall), I was in need of reconstructing a portion of my jaw in order to be able to have a dental implant placed. I was given multiple treatment options for me to choose from, but since a dental implant is the most permanent and cost effective over time, that was easily my choice. Dr. Kravitz and his wife Anita are my personal heroes for providing me with a great outcome and a renewed self esteem.

Since those procedures more than 6 years ago, I myself have become a dental professional in oral surgery, and have always done my best to provide the same standard shown to me by Dr. Kravitz and his staff. They truly changed my life, and I aspire to do the same for the patients that I meet in my career.

I would also like to note that when I am due for a cleaning I always look forward to seeing Lisa. She is gentle but thorough, and a pleasure to be near.

I could not recommend this team any higher. Thank you more than words could say!” —Kimberly D.

“The best experience I have ever had going to the dentist. I just had major life changing work done and the staff and Dr. Kravitz were wonderful. I now can say I have a dentist for life.” —Carolyn P.